Whether market and sales strategies, sales structure and organization, the outsourcing of specific functions, or the development of dealer networks is at hand, our work will inspire you with confidence.


Our Phase Alpha workshop will quickly get the ball rolling with respect to your project. And it won’t cost you much. Take a look at this real example to see how it all works …

A modern professional service provider with numerous bricks‑and‑mortar sales locations was seeking to change its sales strategy in the face of rising competitive pressure. With regard to the content and strategic direction of the project, there was a fair amount of uncertainty coupled with a reluctance to let the costs get out of hand. The Phase Alpha approach is a single‑day workshop held together with the company that places a targeted focus on ascertaining and designing the project objectives and structure. This in turn allows the company to advocate for the change process internally, create the required conditions, and ultimately commission us to carry out the project. Click here for more information.


From a web‑based conference to a large‑group presentation, from individual coaching to a team workshop, and from concept design to quantitative data analysis, we have mastered the methods that will drive your project forward. Read here about how much one of our customers benefited from this …

A machinery manufacturer sold its products on the market under the umbrella of its holding company via different companies and brand names. Competition among these companies was intense. We were commissioned to harmonize the sales activities. By applying the appropriate project and consultation methods, we transformed former competitors into a single potent sales unit that today has access to the same data, approaches the customer in a unified way, and nevertheless manages to preserve the former competitors’ individual brand profiles. Click here for more information.


Our notion of consulting goes well beyond the mere designing of a concept. We take pride in putting a plan into action. Providing support in the implementation process every step of the way is our strong suit. Come see our virtual project office at a customer…

It was important for a specialized financing institution to ensure that it regularly maintained a clear view of the market from an outside perspective. As we had already designed the sales strategy, it was only natural that we were also commissioned as a partner to help the company navigate through this process. Our virtual project office allowed us to precisely depict this task. We are involved in the issues pertinent to our customer, proactively suggest areas in need of change, and see through the implementation thereof on site. Our virtual approach will not drain your organization’s resources nor its budget. Click here for more information.


“The sales workshops offered by cm&p are conducted in a very precise, focused, and goals-oriented manner. And they also manage to be down to earth and witty at the same time.”

Torsten Fink, Commercial Director

“cm&p has supported us for many years in cultivating new markets. The aspect of our partnership with cm&p that we cherish the most is the methodological approach paired with their far‑reaching expertise in the movables markets in which we operate.”

Peter Fischermann, Director Industrial Financing

“cm&p understands bricks-and-mortar business and the special characteristics of a group of associated companies like almost no one else. As a result, we greatly value the support provided by cm&p to our member companies with respect to company succession and know that we are in good hands. We particularly appreciate the very systematic approach pursued by cm&p, which we gladly use for the advancement of our own strategic objectives.”

“cramer müller & partner’s structured analysis of our sales process has provided us with a new perspective on the issue of customer communication. We were inspired in particular by the ideas and expertise offered by cm&p as pertains to creating a customer portal and developing a fan index. The very professional manner in which our major workshop panels were hosted was extremely beneficial.”

Willi Hofmann, Manager of the Order Centre

“cm&p has proven to be a valuable partner in pursuing the further development of our corporate strategy. We value their structured approach, willingness to listen, openness to suggestion, and their tremendous support during every step of the implementation process.”

Harald Kuhn, Managing Partner

“Since December 2013 we have been using the tools provided to us by cm&p to manage our national and international dealer networks. The information we have at our disposal about our sales partners has since improved significantly, which gives us a tremendous boost in confidence in our ability to effectively manage our sales activities. From the concept development stage to the gradual introduction of and training on the tools to the managing of operations, we have come to know and appreciate cm&p as a professional consultant and service provider.”

Matthias Binder, Manager of International Sales Organization

“The speed at which cm&p obtained a solid grasp of the complexities of the lottery business was impressive. Due to their wealth of knowledge about the management of physical sales networks and their comprehensive methodological expertise, cm&p very quickly proved itself to be an extremely valuable strategic and operating partner for us.”

Andreas Schmidt, Sales Manager

“We know we are in good hands with cm&p when it comes to our annual intercompany comparison. They have extremely good methodological knowhow and a great understanding of business operations. This is complemented by their unrivalled trustworthiness. All and all, this service provider is one that we absolutely recommend.”

Monika Stark, Construction Manager

“Taking part in the Phase Alpha workshop held by cm&p quickly provided us with the required clarity concerning the necessary project content and scope. Our sales strategy in a product segment was then modified to follow a clear structure. The excellent preparatory workshops and their target-oriented presentation enabled us to achieve our project objectives in a quick and precise manner.”

Thilo Ohlraun, Sales Manager

“cm&p is a household name at bbi when it comes to setting business standards for the member companies. Regardless of whether it’s retail, repair shops, or leasing, cm&p knows the ins and outs of the bricks‑and‑mortar sales business. Coupled with excellent methodological expertise and a high affinity for industry issues, the benefits provided by cm&p as an ideal partner extend well beyond our annual key figures comparisons.”


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