“We know we are in good hands with cm&p when it comes to our annual intercompany comparison. They have extremely good methodological knowhow and a great understanding of business operations. This is complemented by their unrivalled trustworthiness. All and all, this service provider is one that we absolutely recommend.”

“The speed at which cm&p obtained a solid grasp of the complexities of the lottery business was impressive. Due to their wealth of knowledge about the management of physical sales networks and their comprehensive methodological expertise, cm&p very quickly proved itself to be an extremely valuable strategic and operating partner for us.”

“cm&p has supported us for many years in cultivating new markets. The aspect of our partnership with cm&p that we cherish the most is the methodological approach paired with their far‑reaching expertise in the movables markets in which we operate.”

“cm&p is a household name at bbi when it comes to setting business standards for the member companies. Regardless of whether it’s retail, repair shops, or leasing, cm&p knows the ins and outs of the bricks‑and‑mortar sales business. Coupled with excellent methodological expertise and a high affinity for industry issues, the benefits provided by cm&p as an ideal partner extend well beyond our annual key figures comparisons.”

“cm&p has proven to be a valuable partner in pursuing the further development of our corporate strategy. We value their structured approach, willingness to listen, openness to suggestion, and their tremendous support during every step of the implementation process.”

cramer müller & partner